MLRIT EPICS is a Program in which students in collaboration with local NPO/NGO to provide technology solutions to the communities. 

 About EPICS:   

EPICS(Engineering Projects in Community Service) in MLRIT Organizes students to work on engineering-related projects for local area non-profit organizations. 

Focus on development -by college student teams -of devices and systems for the benefit of the target audiences of the non-profit community partners. 

EPICS and EPICS in IEEE projects fall under four defined humanitarian "categories."

These categories help students connect engineering skills to humanitarian issues that involve: 

---->Access & Abilities 

---->Education & Outreach 


---->Human Services 

Benefits of participating in EPICS:

1. Gain design experience of real systems. 

2. Develop team work and communication skills. 

3. Gain understanding of ethical, economic & legal issues. 

4. Get involved in the community. 

5. IEEE funding amounts in the US$5,000 to US$10,000 range. 

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