Mr. k. Rishi Varma (15R21A05E4) and Ms.K.Kavya (15R21A05E5) won Second prize in Paper Presentation on the topic ALGOL C.

Mr. K. Krishna Sai (16R21A0527) and Mr. G. Siva Kumar  (16R21A0518) won Third prize in Crazathon(Code Hackathon) Competition.

Mr. J.Vimal swaroop (16R21A0525) and Mr. k.Ramesh  (17R25A0501) won Third prize in Tech Shotgun Coding Competiton.


It brings us immense joy to present the MLR Royals cricket team participating in the Telangana T-20 league inagurated on 4th February! With the talented Hyderabadi southpaw spearheading the team, we hope to receive enough support and encouragement from the fans to quench the most-awaited trophy of the state!!