Associate Professor
8 Years
Master of Business Administration
+91 8712122233
Full Time, JNTUH Ratified
Human Resourse,System.
M.B.A: Management Theory and Practice, Human Resource Management, Compensation Management, Talent And Knowledge Management, Performance Management &Counseling, Leadership and Change Management, Organization Behavior, Managerial Economic, Management Information System, Technology And Business, Management of technology, Supply Chain Management. M.C.A: Organization Structure and Personal Management, Managerial Economic and Financial Analysis B.Tech: Managerial Economic and Financial Analysis, Management Science


International National:

1. Understanding Tanning and Development in Public Sector Undertakings, European Journal Of Commerce And Management Research (EJCME) Inter National, Dec-2012 Vol.1, and Issue 1-ISSN PRINT: 2051-8080 ONLINE: 2051-8099.


1. The Value of Training and Development in Public Sector Undertakings for Overall Business Development - A Case Study of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, National Journal- AADYAM (Jan-June 2013) Issue bearing ISSN No 2278-4152.

Papers Presented at International Seminars and Conferences:

1. Impact of “Training and Development” In Public Sectors With Reference To Heavy Electrical Manufacturing Industry. International Conference on Recent Trends in Training &Development, Organized by School Of Management Studies JNTUH, Hyderabad, 6&7 February – 2014(ISBN: 978-93-5107-206-5)

2. “Leveraging Training And Development Practices In Public Sectors For Enhancing The Competitiveness Of Oman In The 21st Century” Two day international conference on Oman economy: Contributions from higher education Majan college international conference,2014 in association with the university of Bedfordshire, UK Conducted at Sultanate of Oman, 8th and 9th April 2014.

Papers Presented at National Seminars and Conferences:

3. Role of Training & Development in Public-Private Partnership, Infrastructure Corporation of Andhra Pradesh sponsored National Seminar on Role of Public Private Partnership in Infrastructure Development, Osmania University, Hyderabad, Feb 2011.

4. Leadership and Change Management, AICTE Sponsored National Seminar on Contemporary Issues in leadership, Aristotle P.G. College, Hyderabad, May 2010.

5. Training & Development in Higher Education System, Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE) Sponsored National Seminar on Challenges Of Higher Education in India, T.J.P.S College, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, Feb 2011. ISBN: 978-93-81075-51-7 Page 197 to 201, BSP Publishers.

6. Building Efficient Human Resources in Microfinance, UGC Sponsored National Seminar on The Role of Micro-finance in Capacity Building of Rural Folk, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, Feb 2011.

7. Wage Rate and Collective Bargaining of Agriculture Labors, National Seminar Engendering agriculture development: emerging perspectives, issues, challenges & strategies, Co-Operative League in Development and Employment (COLDE), Kanyakumari, Jul 2011.

8. Women Leadership in Indian Corporate Sector, National Conference on Empowerment of Women Through Leadership & Entrepreneurship, AMS School of Informatics, Hyderabad, Oct 2011.

9. Training And Development as Sustainability Strategy in Public Sector Undertaking, National seminar on Best Practices in HR for Sustainability, Institute of Public Enterprise, Feb2012.

10. Role of Training And Development in Employer Branding as a changing trend in 21st century, National seminar on Branding A Strategic Tool for Corporate Success, NSBS 2012, University of Hyderabad, Feb2012.

11. The Impact Of Training & Development Strategy In Public Sector Undertaking For Business Development- A Case Study BHEL Hyderabad, National Conference On Managing Challenges For Sustainable Business Development, Jaya College Of Arts & Science Thiruninravur, Chennai, March 2012.

12. Public Sector “Training and Development Practices” As the Success Mantra for Sustainability. AICT Sponsored National Conference On Management And Social Sciences Its Impact On Sustainable Development, Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, 25-26 Oct.

13. “Role of Management Education in Technical Courses In 21 Century”. Two Day National Conference On Relevance Of English, Mathematic & Management Science To Technical Courses-REMMT-2014,Organised By MGIT In Association With ELTAI Hyderabad & ISTE, 3&4 April -2014.