Poreddy Dayaker

MLRIT 1081
Poreddy Dayaker
Associate Professor
6 Years
Computer Science and Engineering
Full Time, JNTUH Ratified
Computer Science and Engineering
Design & Analysis Of Algorithms, Introduction to Analytics, Operating Systems,Software testing Methodologies ,Computer Networks

International Journals 1. "Defending Against Password Guessing Attacks on Web Applications" by P. Dayaker,International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), Volume4, Issue 5. 2. "TDMA Scheduling with Wireless Sensor Networks" P DAYAKER , Biohouse Journal of Computer Science, Volume 1 Issue 2. 3. "Survey of Detecting Unexplained Sequences using Top-K Algorithm in Time-Stamped Observation Data" by P. Dayakar ,IJRECS, Volume 3, Issue 2. 4. "Clustering Based Energy Efficient Node Disjoint Multipath Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks" by Poreddy Dayakar, International Journal of Engineering &Extended Technologies Research (IJEETR), Volume 3 Issue 7.