Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:

Srushti - center for innovation is a prestigious incubation center being established in our college campus to encourage students to create and innovate in various streams and become budding entrepreneurs. In this connection Entrepreneur Development Cell (EDC) is inviting registrations from interested students using the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/lhgGfeYlBFT6e6Uo2

Last date for registrations: 08-01-2018


1. Inauguration of MLRIT Innovation Lab and Makers Space on 12-01-2018.

           We're speaking to a few regional and international Makers/ Innovators on the possibility of inviting them for the launch and  plan talks/ workshops.

  Ohaad Meyuhas, Founded FabLab Israel

  Jens Dyvik, Founded FabLab Oslo, FabAcademy Guru

 Sherry Lassiter, -President & CEO of FabFoundation, Has setup hundreds of FabLabs 

 Vikram Mishra, Wadhwani Foundation, National Entrepreneurship Network

 Dr Sailaja, Telangana Academy for Skill & Knowledge

 Prof. Ramesh Loganathan, IIIT Hyderabad


2. Launching of National Entrepreneurship Network Courses (WF 100& 101) for II , III YEAR Students.