Student Platform for Engineering Education Development (SPEED)

Student Platform for Engineering Education (SPEED) is a global, non-profit student organization that functions as an interdisciplinary network of engineering students, who aspire to provide opinion and create an impact on future development of engineering education and its effect on society and environment. We look to inspire the actions and development of globally minded, engineering student leaders intended on helping engineering education evolve. As a member society of the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES), we strive to provide important student ideas and perspectives to the international engineering education community.

Operations of SPEED - India

Engineering students who are willing for the betterment of engineering education in India are reached out through regional workshops in previous years. India, being a diverse country, needed 5 workshops to be conducted in 2013 (in Delhi, Hubli, Hyderabad, Pune and Rajkot), from which student leaders were identified.and SPEED has conducted 8 workshops in 2014 (in Hyderabad, Warangal, Islampur, Bangalore, Noida, Pune), which were facilitated by trained young leaders.


1: Inaugration With ICUEE SPEED
2: RSF 2K15
3: RSF 2K16
4: RSF 2K17
5: Re-Inaugration 2K17
6: Re-Inaugration 2k18


Regional Student Forum(RSF)

Regional Student Forum (RSF) was a three day workshop conducted at MLR Institute of Technology in 2016. In this workshop the students were exposed to the very idea of SPPED. The students were divided according to the tracks in which they were interested and formed up a batch of 5 members and each batch were instructed to come up with a project. On day two, the students collected the information about their project and they made a poster presentation. On the third and final day, every batch gave a PPT presentation. The workshop ended with a prize distribution ceremony in which the best project ideas along with their poster presentation and PPT presentation were selected and given ample appreciation in the form of a certificate.

SPEED Re-Inaugration 2k17 & 2k18

MLRIT SPEED Inauguration was a ceremony to introduce and mark the beginning of the speed chapter. It was a formal ceremony in which the chairman and vice chairmen officially undertook their respective responsibilities in the student organization. It took place on the first day of the new chairman's term i.e. February 10th 2017 and January 29th 2018. Around 130 people participated in the events that featured inspirational speeches and sharing of experiences by the members of SPEED.

The following are the SPEED members who attended for the event 2017:

1. Aziz (International Vice President)
2. Santhosh (Former India President of SPEED)
3. Ajay (Former Vice president Development)
4. Svarnamani (Former Vice president Administration)
5. Roopak (Former SPEED Facilitator)
6. Prudhvi (SPEED Mentor)

The following are the SPEED members who attended for the event 2018:

1.Sandilya kumar (National Vice President(Devolopment))
2.Sai Saranya (Facilitator)

The event has introduced new Chairman and Co-Chairman of the organization in the college with the name “Chapter Body” where each person has their own responsibility in the organization. There are roles like the administration, industry academia collaboration and entrepreneurship, interdisciplinary learning and teaching practices, chapter analyst etc... The event concluded with the distribution of appreciation certificates and trophies to the all the SPEED members.

MLRIT-SPEED Participants who are a part of SPEED-INDIA Executive committee:
1. Sandilya kumar. T (Vice President-Development) for 2018-19
2. T. Ram Rathan Reddy (Graphics Head) for 2018-19

What is an Action Plan?

Designing a plan of action for the chosen problem in such a way that various parameters of time, money, place and persons involved are taken into consideration

Action Plan Implementation By MLRIT Students: 

smart vision  actionplan2 
 speed speed2 

MicroProjects Done By 1st Year Students In SPEED Format:-

 speed1 speed2
 speed3 speed4

Success Stories                  

***    MLRIT student T.Shivanand from 3rd CSE-A who participated in IUCEE-SPEED at HITAM on Smart Vision and achieved 1st position

***    MLRIT student Prem Sagar from 3rd CSE-A who participated in IUCEE-SPEED at VJIT on Boosting Graphics and achieved 1st position

***    MLRIT SPEED Students participated in IUCEE-SPEED at PSG college of Technology Coimbatore.

***    MLRIT SPEED Students participated in ICTIEE at college of Engineering Pune.

IMG-20150929-WA0000  IMG-20150929-WA0001 
MLRIT SPEED Coordinators and Team:-
S.No Name Post Contact No
1 Abhishek Kumar R Jha Chairman +919705956493
2 Vijaya Vani Co-chairman +919912123247
3 K.Kavya Vice President of collaborations and sponsorships +919515726089
4 Yata Blessina Ratna Vice President of Interdisciplinary Learning +919492413526
5 N Sai Rama Chakri
Likhitha Devi Chinthakrindha
Vice President of Finance +919100180080
6 Tadikonda Krishnasahiti
Prashanthi Ganji
Co- Vice President of collaborations and sponsorships +919490872032
7 Sukruti Goswami Co-Vice President of Interdisciplinary Learning +918374441696
8 Varkala Uday Kumar Co- Vice President of Finance +917675911307
9 T. Ram Rathan Reddy Graphic Head +919533566917
10 Venkata Sai Revanth Kumar
Co- Graphic Head +917729817298
11 Kodam Nikhil Social media Head +919100181798
12 P. Manikanta Photography Head +919059141624
13 Bodempudi Kiran Kumar Chowdary Co-Photography Head +918340902820

Speed Facilitators:
• T. Sandilya Kumar(9640115570)
• R. Sai Saranya(9866013328)
Overall SPEED Faculty Incharge:
• B. Durga Sree (I.T).
Faculty Co-Ordinators:
• G. Karthik Reddy (ECE).
• S. Navya Sree (MECH).
• B. Praveen (AERO).
• N. Priya (CSE).