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SDP - Student Development Programs

Aeronautical Dept organized and successfully completed an Industrial visit to the Air force academy, Dundigal for Aeronautical III & IVth year students on 16-06-2016. Mr P Avinash, Mr Yogesh and Mr Bhupal.R of Aeronautical Dept organized this industrial visit

A workshop has been conducted for Aeronautical IIIrd year students on Digital manufacturing Technology by Mr Ganesh, He explained the different manufacturing techniques used in Industrial production using CNC lathe, CNC milling and 3D-Printing.

Dept of Aeronautical Engineering has conducted two weeks Workshop on Designing Software, AUTOCAD 2014 for Aeronautical IInd year students. The workshop started on 24-10-2016 and continued for two weeks. Mrs B.Alekhya, Asst Prof, Mr Md Khaleel, Asst Prof, Mrs k Sree Laxmi, Asst Prof conducted this programe

Department of Aeronautical Engineering had conducted micro projects final evaluation for 2,3 year students, on 15-11-2016. Six projects from II year and 6 projects from III year presented in front of the evaluating panel members. The chief evaluator is Dr N Kishor Nath, Scientist-F, DRDO, Aeronautical Dept HOD, DR MSN Gupta were present.

SAE Aero Design Challenge-2017 second review conducted on 15th Nov 2016 in Epics Lab. Two teams participated in this review and showed their progress of the project to the chief evaluator Dr N Kishor Nath, Scientist-F, DRDO, Hyderabad.

Aeronautical Dept organized and successfully completed an Industrial visit to the Air force academy, Dundigal for Aeronautical III &IVth year students on 16-12-2016. There they attended Combined Graduation Parade. Aero Dept HOD, Dr Satyanarayana Gupta, Ms S.Alka, Mr Bhupal.R of Aeronautical Dept organized this industrial visit

Aeronautical Engineering Department, IVth B.Tech Students Mr. V.S.K.Manikanta and Mr. V.L Narayana visited the Honeywell Company, Nanakramguda, Hyderabad on 17/12/2017. They said it was very helpful for their motivation towards core aero carrier.

Department of Aeronautical Engineering has conducted Add-on-skills on CATIA to II B.Tech Students. This is a two weeks program from 06/02/2017 at 4:00PM. Mr Shiva Shankar and Mr. B Nagaraj Goud from aero department are the resource persons who are giving training to them.

Department of Aeronautical Engineering has conducted One day workshop on CATIA software and CNC machine training to diploma students of various colleges. Mr. Bhupal Rakam and Mr. V. Vamshi of Aeronautical Department organized this program.

A guest lecture was organized by Ms Uday Deepika of Aero Dept from JACKSONVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY official Ms Chandini khadaka on 06/02/2017. She came to our college to interact with all the students and give a brief about the higher education in USA and clarified the doughts of students about doing Masters in USA and in their university.

A seminar was conducted by department of aeronautical engineering on 27/02/2017 to all staff and students by aero expert Mr. Kethavatha Raju from Airworks India Engineering Pvt.Ltd. They discussed about carrier opportunities in Aviation Industry and motivated all of them.

FDP - Faculty Development Programs

IUCEE in collaboration with MLRIT has conducted IIEECP-16 Precertification Program on 8,9,10th of June, 2016. In this workshop various methodologies of engineering education have been discussed by Dr. Siva Kumar Krishnan. Mr MD Zaheeruddin and B. Nagaraj Goud of aeronautical department also participated in this workshop and certified

CNC Milling Training program has been conducted to Aero & Mech Facuty. The resource person for the training is Mr Siddulinga swamy from ACE Micromatic PVT Ltd, Bangalore. Mr Ganesh, Mr G Partha sarathy, MD Khaleel from aero dept has participated in this training session and gained complete knowledge on this machine.

MLRIT management has sponsored the selected faculty members from each department to participate in International Conference ICTIEE-2017 from 6th Jan to 8th Jan organized by Vardhaman college of Engineering, Shamshabad.

Second training session on Flight Simulator in Flight Simulation Lab has been conducted by Mr Priyank on 4th, 5th Jan 2017. In this training session faculty got trained to use the Flight Simulator in its full completion.


Active learning session was conducted to aeronautical Engineering Staff by Mr. Prabhu kishore of Mechanical Department on 8th, 11th, 13th Feb. here he explained about various learning methods which will involve active participation of students in class and where he will learn and understand the topic in a easy manner. It was a nine hours session and went very good.

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