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Faculty Achievments

One day workshop was conducted by DASSAULT SYSTEMES on “3D Experience” in Bangalore, Karnataka. Where Aeronautical Department Head Dr MSN Gupta participated and received DASSAULT ACEDEMIC MEMBERSHIP on behalf of MLRIT. With this program we can use DASSAULT data at free of cost and we can officially display DASSULT SYSTEM logo in our college website and newsletters etc

A Guest Lecture was delivered by our HOD sir, Dr. M Satyanarayana Gupta on 7th Dec at Essanar Transformers on Mechanics of Solids. He explained the importance of Mechanics of solids to the newly joined employees in that industry

Aeronautical Department HOD Dr M Satyanarayana Gupta has participated and presented a paper entitled “Design and Analysis of Autonomous 400mm Span Fixed Wing Micro Aerial” in 3rd International Conference on Mechanical and Production Engineering in Pattaya, Thailand on 14,15th Jan. This paper was selected as best paper in that conference and got best paper award


Aeronautical Engineering faculty won the 2nd prize

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