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Assistant professor
5 Years

B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering
M.Tech Aerospace Engineering
Aircraft Systems, Experimental Aerodynamics,Avionics and Instrumentation Systems,Introduction to Aerospace Engineering,Aerospace Vehicle Structures Lab,Engineering Workshop Lab

Journal Publications:

1.Study of structural built up & contour deviation of inboard slats assembly 2.Modeling and Analysis on Gas Turbine Rotar Blade 3.Design and Analysis of winglet 4.CONCEPTUAL DESIGN OF FLYING VEHICLE 5.DYNAMIC ANALYSIS OF CANTILEVER BEAM 6.Design and Optimization of Scrafed Nozzle 7.Design and Analysis of Helicopter Rotor Hub for Structural Loads 8.2D Analysis Flow over NACA 6 Series High Lift Devices 9.DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING OF MISSILE LONG SHELL COMPONENT BY CNC TURN-MILL CENTRE
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