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B. Nagaraj Goud
Assistant professor
6 Years

Aerospace engineering (Structures)

B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering
M.Tech Aerospace Engineering
1. Engineering Drawing,
2. Mechanics of Solids,
3. Aerospace Vehicle Structures,
4. Mechanical Vibrations and Structural dynamics 

Journal Publications:

1. B. Nagaraj Goud “Compressor Design optimization for a High speed Jet engine” Volume No 455 (2018) 012036 IOP Publishing Scopus Indexed  Materials Science and Engineering Dec 2018.

2. B. Nagaraj Goud “Investigation of Vehicle Rear under Run Protection Device (RUPD) Using Aluminum Foam” Volume No 225 (2017) IOP Publishing Scopus Indexed Materials Science and Engineering Sept2017.

3. B. Nagaraj Goud “Drag reduction over a circular Cylinder” Volume 8, Issue 8, ISSN Online: 0976-6316, (IJCIET) Scopus Indexed Aug 2017.

4. B. Nagaraj Goud “Design and Aero Dynamical Analysis on LERX-Wing Combination” Volume 3, Issue 9, and ISSN Online: 0976-6316, IJMETMR Sept 2016.

5. B. Nagaraj Goud “Dynamic Aero elastic (Flutter) Instability Characteristics of an Aircraft Wing” Volume 4, Issue 12, ISSN: 2277-3754, (IJEIT) June 2015.

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