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Ms. Madhavi Nagireddy
Associate Professor
9 Years

Aeronautical Engineering

B Tech in Aeronautical Engineering
M Tech in Aerospace Engineering
1. Airframe Structural Design
2. Mechanical Vibrations and Structural Dynamics
3. Conceptual Flight Vehicle Design
4. Engineering Drawing

Journal Publications:

1.     N Madhavi, B Niharika M Satyanarayana Gupta “Evaluation of ply orientation on failure of Kevlar Epoxy149” IJCIET, Volume 8, May2017.

2.     B. NIHARIKA , N. MADHAVI & M. SAI KRISHNA,” Structural Analysis On Composite Laminate With Different Orientation, IJMPERD, Volume 8, Issue 1,Jan 12, 2018.

3.     Madhavi, K Sreelakshmi and M. Satyanarayana Gupta,” Evaluation of Ply Orientation on Failure of Composites”, IJCIET, Volume 8, May2017.

4.     K. Sreelakshmi, N Madhavi, M Satyanarayana Gupta,” Analysis of Interlaminar Stresses in a Composite Material with A Circular Hole by Using Finite Element Method”, IJCIET, Volume 8, May2017.

5.     B Niharika, V Saibasha N Madhavi,” Design and Analysis of Humpback Whale Wing with Winglets”, IJCIET, Volume 8, May2017.

6.     Dr. M Satyanarayana Gupta Ms. N. Madhavi, Balaji.S,” Design and Fabrication of Composite Drill and Trim Jig for I/R Holes of Tip Assembly Door”, ijmetmr, Volume 3, Nov2016.

7.     Dr. M Satyanarayana Gupta Ms.N.Madhavi, Vanaparti Ajay Kumar,” Design and Analysis of a Fuselage Using Helical Longerons”, Volume 3, sep,2016.

8.     K. Shiva Shankar N. Madhavi G. Ravi Kumar, T. Kumara Swamy,” Analytical Investigation of Rake Contact, Cutting Forces and Temperature in Turning”, Volume 3, June 2014.

9.     Pattabhi N Madhavi, Y.B.SudhirSastry, R.Budarapu,” Buckling analysis of thin wall stiffened composite panels”, Computational materials sciences, Volume 96, Nov2015.

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