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Placement Data for the Academic Year 2019-20
S. No Roll Number Name of the Student Name of the Company
1. 16R21A2139 S D Puja Karmur Infosys
2. 16R21A2103 Abheendra B Cyient
3. 16R21A2125 K Sandhya Cyient
4. 16R21A2126 L Sreelekha Cyient
5. 16R21A2122 Kailash Poornashree Eleation
6. 16R21A2143 Grace Lydia Eleation
7. 16R21A2112 B Hemanth Sai Eleation
8. 16R21A2120 Hardik Ganesh L Greycampus
9. 16R21A2125 K Sandhya Greycampus
10. 16R21A2104 Amreen Unnisa Ziegler Aerospace
11. 16R21A2105 A Mounika Ziegler Aerospace
12. 16R21A2122 Kailash Poornashree Ziegler Aerospace
13. 16R21A2125 K Sandhya Ziegler Aerospace
14. 16R21A2126 L Sreelekha Ziegler Aerospace
15. 16R21A2127 Lakshmi Karthik J Ziegler Aerospace
16. 16R21A2128 M Shivaleela Ziegler Aerospace
17. 16R21A2151 V Reshma Ziegler Aerospace
18. 17R25A2105 G Akhil Ziegler Aerospace
19. 16R21A2139 S D Puja Karmur Faurecia Process
20. 16R21A2120 Hardik Ganesh L Multiplier Solutions
21. 16R21A2139 S D Puja Karmur Multiplier Solutions
22. 16R21A2117 D Kushal Kumar Hexaware