Value From Innovation!


To be a centre of excellence in Aeronautical engineering with emphasis on Research & Innovation to serve the needs of industry with human values to build strong nation. The department’s vision is derived from the institute vision and it vouches to help the institute in fulfilling its vision by becoming a center of excellence in Aeronautical Engineering.


The mission statements are the action statements, the department intends to implement in fulfilling its vision. The key components are quality oriented technical education, multidisciplinary skills and Research and Innovation activities with human values.
  • M1. Provide quality oriented education, well-grounded in the fundamental principles of Aeronautical Engineering.
  • M2. Consistently produce top quality Aeronautical engineers with core and multidisciplinary skills, who can become ace leaders and successful entrepreneurs with human values.
  • M3. Continuously strive for knowledge; undertake Research and Innovation that will contribute to the industrial development of the nation.
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