MLR 20

1-1 Semester
A5BS02-Linear Algebra and Calculus View
A5BS11-Applied Chemistry View
A5BS12-Applied Chemistry Lab View
A5CS01-Programming for Problem Solving View
A5CS02-Programming for Problem Solving Lab View
A5ME02-Engineering Graphics View
A5ME04-Engineering Workshop View
1-2 Semester
A5BS04-Advanced Calculus View
A5BS08-Applied Physics View
A5BS15-Applied Physics Lab View
A5EE70-Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering View
A5HS01-English View
A5HS02-English Language and Communication Skills Lab View
A5IT05-Python Programming Lab View
2-1 Semester
A5AI01-Data structures using Python View
A5AI02-Data Structures using Python Lab View
A5BS05-Probability and Statistics View
A5BS16-Discrete Mathematics View
A5CS05-Database Management Systems View
A5CS06-Database Management Systems Lab View
A5EC72-Digital Electronics and Computer Organization View
A5MC03-Environmental Studies View
2-2 Semester
A5AI25-AI Techniques View
A5AI26-AI Techniques Lab View
A5CS08-Design and Analysis of Algorithms View
A5CS13-Operating Systems View
A5HS06-Business Economics and Financial Analysis View
A5IT01-Object Oriented Programming View
A5IT02-Object Oriented Programming Lab View
A5MC04-Gender Sensitization View