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SAEINDIA is India's leading resource for mobility technology. As an individual member driven society of mobility practitioners the ownership of SAEINDIA wrests with its members who are Individuals from the mobility community, which includes Engineers Executives from Industry, Government Officials, Academics and Students

SAEINDIA is an affiliate society of SAE International registered in India as an Indian nonprofit engineering and scientific society dedicated to the advancement of mobility industry in India.

The officers in Section Governing Boards, Operating boards and Committees share the onus of its efficient functioning here. All efforts are on now with a single minded purpose to propel the automotive engineering profession by focusing on three trends occurring in the automotive industry today that affect all automotive engineers and engineering societies.

The first of these trends is simultaneous engineering the integration of the roles of design engineer, manufacturing engineer, supplier, marketer, and planner. The second trend is the increased reliance of auto manufacturers on suppliers and design houses to support the design and manufacturing functions. A third factor crucial to an internationalized auto industry is standards as communication, as a basis for regulation, and as an aid to interchangeability.

Global standards have become a necessity, and the responsibility for developing them falls on internationally recognized standards-writing groups and, ultimately, on the individual engineers who participate in standards work.

During its hundred plus years, the automotive industry has achieved remarkable progress in both production output and technological development. However, associated with this progress has been a slight yet noticeable lag in the level of technological development as compared to the increase in production volume.

The founding principle of the SAE International is to unite scientific and technical staff to perform free academic discussions, to dedicate themselves to the cause of prospering the science and technology for automotive vehicles and to make contributions to speed up the modernization of automotive industry.

A great deal of effort has been expended to make these definitions suit this purpose. It is recognized quite well by both SAEINDIA and SAE International which keeps on raising its bar on standards since like linguistic dictionaries; even our efforts and purpose must be revised periodically to reflect current usage and changing needs.


MLRIT actively takes part in activities of SAEINDIA under MLRIT Collegiate Club. MLRIT has participated in SAEINDIA for the event SUPRA 2016 and placed at 60 among 130 participants. Team XTREME RIDERS2K16 consists of 23 members and have participated in the prestigious event known as SUPRA which is conducted by SAE INDIA. SUPRA SAEINDIA is a national level design competition organized by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) – India. Target of designing and manufacturing a Formula 3 race car. Expected to build, test and validate the race car restrained under manufacturing standards. The whole event is sponsored by the India’s leading automobile company MARUTI SUZUKI and the event was held at BUDDH INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT in Noida, which is the only international circuit in India. This year around 2200 engineering students representing 167 engineering colleges competed for the winner title. Supra SAEINDIA requires participants to virtual design build a prototype and test their own formula type race car. Maruti Suzuki has always been focusing on strengthening it does connect with the youth of India.


"Team Building Workshop" for SAE Tier - III 12th National Student Convention 2018 is held on 10 - 11, March 2018in Mechanical Seminar hall in collaboration with SAEISS - MLRIT Collegiate Club. Mr. Shanmugam,Vice Chairman SAEISS & Director, Design Desk India (P) Ltd, Mr.M.P.Prasad, RNTBCI & Champion SAEISS, Mr.D.Balaji, RNTBCI & Champion SAEISS, Mr.Hasan, Improvement Leader, Du Pont & Champion SAEISS, Dr.K.Srinivasa Rao Principal MLRIT, Dr.S.Shyam Kumar HOD Mechanical, Dr.M.Sathyanarayana Guptha HOD Aeronautical, Faculty and Student volunteers around 160 have participated in the workshop. Faculty advisors Mr.BVK. Murthy, Dr.Karthikayan, Mr.B.Subramanyam, Mr. Mahender Reddy, Mr. Bridjesh and MLRIT Colligeate club board members have organized the event.


SAE India Convention at MLRIT egged students on to hone problem-solving skills

Marri Laxman Reddy Institute of Technology organised a two-day national-level SAE INDIA student convention at its campus where 1500 students from across the country showcased their skills in various events. The event threw a challenge at the participating students in design, fabrication and problem-solving and how they react to a practical problem using their theoretical knowledge. It had 35 regular and 15 surprise events where they were judged by the industry experts, said Sriraman, Chairman, SAE India Southern Section. T. Papi Reddy, TSCHE Chairman inaugurated the event. Marri Rajashekar Reddy, Secretary of MLRIT said it was a prestigious event for Telangana being conducted for the first time in the new State and exposed the local students to the strong competition from top students in the country. He said the SAE’s contribution in promoting practical exposure was unparalleled. “We spent Rs. 30 lakh to host the event and it was worth it.” Dr. Y. Srinivas Rao, vice-chair SAEISS Hyderabad Division and N. Bala Subramanian Dy. Vice President, Renault Nissan Business Centre of India represented the industry and guided the students. It was also a learning experience for faculty as they got the opportunity to interact with the industry heads and understand its needs, said Prinicpal, K. Srinivas.

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