Faculty Info
Kashi Sai Prasad
Assistant professor
2.6 Years
Computer Science and Engineering


B.Tech CSE
M. Tech CSE
1.Cloud Computing
2. Bigdata Analytics
3. Predictive Analytics
4.Introduction to Analytics
5. Advance Database Engineering
6.Discrete Mathematical Structures

Journal Publications:

1. K. Sai Prasad " The Development of 3D Fractal Shapes For MANdelbrot Snd Julia sets "

     IJPAM  Volume  118  Issue No:15 Special  2018

2. K. Sai Prasad " Analyzing  and Prediction of Academic Performance of Students using Data Mining   

     Techniques " JARDCS  Issue No:7 Special  ISSN No:1943–023X  2018

3. K. Sai Prasad " An Automated mechanism For Smart Packaging Line Management " IJMET

     Volume 8 Issue No:  ISSN No: 0976-6359  JUNE 2017

4. K. Sai Prasad " A New Document representation approach for gender prediction using author

    profile "  Springer ISBN978-981-13-1580-0  2018

5. K. Sai Prasad “Artificial Intelligence Approach For Classifying Molecular Dataset using Density  

    based Technique with appropriate Euclidean Distance Measure” Elsevier Volume 4, Issue 8 ISSN:    

    2277–9655. 2016

6. K. Sai Prasad “Clustering and Classification of Molecular data using Artificial Intelligence” Elsevier   

    Journal ICAAMM 2016 ISSN: 2277–9655. 2016

7. K. Sai Prasad “Research Article Authentic-Time Metropolis-Scale Taxi Ridesharing” IJCR

    Volume 8, issue 11 Nov 2016

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