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N.Udaya Kumar
9 Years

Digital Image Processing

M.Tech(Embedded Systems)
Thesis submitted
1.Electronic devices and circuits 2. Switching theory and logic design 3. Analog communication 4. Digital communication 5. Network theory 6. Embedded systems 7. Microwave circuits 8. Digital image processing 9. Analog and Digital IC aplications.

Journal Publications:

SI. NO Name of the Journal Title of the Paper Month & Year of Publication National or International 1 International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development(IJAERD) [UGC Journal] Identification of Diabetic Damage Detection in Retinal Images using ANFIS February-2018 International 2 International Jouranal of Control Theory and Application(IJAER) [Scopus Indexed] Accurate Detection of Retenal Tears based on neural network using Fourier series power spectrum Segmentation Technique April-2017 International 3 International Journal of Engineering Research in Electronics and Communication Engineering (IJERECE) Increased learning in retinal blood vessel segmentation approach based on Fuzzy- C- Means clustering and mathematical morphology March-2017 International 4 International journal of Basic Applied Science(IJBAS) [Scopus Indexed] A Cross Layer Approach for Feature Extraction with Accurate Detection Through Blood Vessel Segmentation in Automatic Diabetic Retinopathy December-2015 International 5 International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Research (IJEEER) An Automated Technique For Diabetic Damage Detection Through Blood Vessel Segmentation In Retinal Images Feburary 2014 International 6 International Journal of Electronics and Computer Science Engineering(IJECSE) A MATLAB Based Algorithm Design for New Structural Feature of Retinal Image Vasculature Pattern December-2012 International 7 Journal of Innovation in Electronics & Communication(JIEC) (Volume 2,Issue 2 ISBN : 2249-9946) Colour Segmentation Based Staining Method Used in Biomedical Applications January-2012 National 8 International Journal of Advances in Science and Technology(IJAST), Vol. 3, No4. The Detection of Amd in Human Eye’s Retina Using Image Segmentation Algorithms. August-2011 International