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Assistant professor
6 Years

M.Tech(VLSI & ES)
1. Embedded Systems 2. Microprocessors and Microcontrollers 3. Electronic Devices and Circuits 4. Electronics Measurement and Instrumentation 5. Switching Theory and Logic Design 6. Microprocessors and Interfacing 7. Embedded Real Time Systems

Journal Publications:

1. Mahendra Vucha, DVS Chandrababu, A Rajawat, “Resources Optimization Methodology For Heterogeneous Computing System”, Journal of Theoretical & Applied Information Technology, Volume-95, issue-22,2017. 2. T. Ravinder, DVS Chandrababu, D Sarita Rani, K Narsimha “A Smart Connected Light Bulb” International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology, Volume-8, Issue-7,2017. 3. DVS Chandrababu T Ravindra, P Nagaraju. “16 Bit Multiplier Implementation Using Vedic Mathematics” International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology (IJMET), Volume-8, Issue-7,2017. 4. D. Chandrababu A L Siridhara. “A Verilog Prototype for Scalable Binary Detector”, International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research&Development, Volume-4, issue-4,2016. 5. DVS Chandra babu A L Siridhara “Energy Efficient Home Automation System” International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research&Development, Volume-4, Issue-4, 2016. 6. K.Harika D.V.Surya Chandra Babu, S V S Prasad., “PWM Modulation Technique Using Integration Of Visible Light And Power Line Communication”, International journal of advanced technology and innovative research, Volume-07, issue-17,2015. 7. D.V.SURYA CHANDRA BABU M.VENKAT RAO, “Design Of Intelligent Traffic Light Controller Based On FPGA” International Journal Of Global Innovations, Volume-1, issue-2,2014. 8. Poduchuri Malyadri D.V.S Chandra Babu,D.Chandrasekhar, ‘WIRELESS INTELLIGENT BILLING TROLLEY FOR SUPERMARKET USING ZIGBEE AND RFID’ International Journal of Advanced Research In Technology, Volume-3, Issue-1,2012.
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