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Assistant professor
6 Years

Embedded Systems and VLSI

1. EDC
2. ECA
3. AC
4. DC
5. CS
6. PDC
7. ET

Journal Publications:

1. Kumar, J., Ramesh, P.R. Low Cost Energy Efficient Smart Security System with Information Stamping for IoT Networks (2018) Proceedings - 2018 3rd International Conference On Internet of Things: Smart Innovation and Usages, IoT-SIU 2018, art. no. 8519875.

2. John Wellington, J., Ramesh, P. Role of Internet of Things in disaster management (2018) Proceedings of 2017 International Conference on Innovations in Information, Embedded and Communication Systems, ICIIECS 2017, 2018-January, pp. 1-4.

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4. Ramesh, P., Jakkena, C.S., Karthik, R., Manisha, G., Madhavi, M. Implementation of an adaptive approach for bio medical applications (2017) International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, 8 (7), pp. 768-776.

5. Nalajala, P., Hemanth Kumar, D., Ramesh, P., Godavarthi, B. Design and implementation of modern automated real time monitoring system for agriculture using Internet of Things (IoT) (2017) Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 12 (Specialissue12), pp. 9389-9393.