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Assistant professor
5 Years

Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes, Analog Communications, Digital Signal Processing, Electromagnetic waves and Transmission Lines, Electrical Circuits, Antennas and Wave propagation

Journal Publications:

1. Comparative Study of LMS and N-LMS Algorithms for Smart Antenna Systems with Parameter Variations 2.Design and interfacing of T/R modules with radar system through TR module controller using FPGA 3.Design and implementation of linear frequency modulated waveform using DDS and FPGA 4.An elegant method for delay estimation in mobile applications 5.Design of circular microstrip patch antenna and its simulation results 6.Monitoring of Crack Inspection and Mapping in Railway by Using Robo 7.Tollgate based on web of things 8.Air writing recognition Modelling and Recognition of Characters, words and Connecting Motions 9.Human tracking system using beagle board -xM 10.Monitoring of Crack Inspection and Mapping in Railway by Using Robot 11.Wireless Hart Stacks for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks with Multiprocessor Support 12.Design of smart sensor using Linux-2.6.29 kernel 13.High Image Resolution for Industrial Applications using Lioyds Cluster 14.9-bit parity generator using XO4 and XO7 technology 15.Microcontroller based heartbeat monitoring and display on PC 16.Distance measurement using standard ultrasonic transducer HC SR04
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