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Associate Professor
20 Years

Journal Publications:

1. ‘Current Trends of Teaching/Learning English and Meeting the Challenging Issues through Learning by Doing’ is published in ‘English Language and Soft Skills: Problems and Perspectives’ (ELT@I Tirupathi Chapter Journal of English Language and Literature Volume: 1 Issue: 1 April 2014 with ISSN: 2349 – 2295).
 2. ‘Learning Styles and Class Room Management’ is published in the National e-Journal published by ELT Weekly, Issue #94, (August- 2011) with ISSN: 0975-3036.
 3. ‘The Impetus of English Literature in the Arena of Global Medium of Communication’ is published in Cyber Literature: Humanities &Communication Technologies. A Peer Reviewed Open Access Journal enlisted in DOAJ with ISSN: 0972-0901.
 4. ‘English Language Learning Problems of Rural Students Studying in APIIITs: Devising Remedial Instruction’ is published in Language in India. A national e-Journal with ISSN: 1930-2940.
 5. ‘The Doldrummers: The Dramatic Technique of Asif Currimbhoy’ is published in the Book entitled ‘Dialectics of English Studies in the Postmodern Age’ Published by CSIPP, South Carolina, USA, ISBN-13: 978-1539809524 ISBN-10: 1539809528.
 6. ‘Foreign Language Acquisition and the Learners Linguistic Competence around the Country Today’ is published in ‘Strengthening English Language and Learning: Issues and Challenges’ edited by Dept. Of English, Kakatiya University Journal, India with ISBN: 978-93-83842-50-6.
 7. ‘A Paradigm Shift from the Old to the New –The English Class room Arena’ is published in the book entitled ‘Journal of English Language and Literature’ a peer –reviewed refereed biannual Journal ELT@I Tirupathi Chapter Volume:5 Issue: 1 April 2018 with ISSN:2349-2295.
 8. Write and presented a paper on ‘A New Perspective of the Short Stories of Mulk Raj Anand’ at UGC sponsored University Journal, Dept. of English, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi, A.P
 9. ‘The essentiality of the English Language in Present day World’ is published in the Book entitled ‘Business English for Professional Communication’ Published by CSIPP, South Carolina, USA, ISBN-13: 978-1975713386 ISBN-10:1975713389.
10. ‘Projecting Indian Diaspora on Screen’ is published in the special volume of Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies entitled ‘Prism-the Creative Face of RKV’ Volume: 1 Issue: 1 January 2016.
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