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  • 8 well-equipped laboratories updated with latest software
  • Classrooms are equipped with projectors for demonstrating real-world examples.
  • 3 CoE’s (Big Data, IoT & Blockchain, and Virtusa) for carrying out extensive work in their respective areas.


  • Department of Information Technology has 3 CoE’s (Center of Excellences) – Big Data, IoT & Blockchain, and Virtusa. These CoE’s facilitate the student & faculty to work on the cutting-edge technologies like Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Python Scripting, Hadoop, Raspberry Pi, & so on.
    These CoE’s will also assist students to be a step ahead in various inter- collegiate competitions & industry ready. Various research projects are being carried out by Faculty & Students are encouraged to be a part of it.


  • Department of Information Technology encourages Faculty as well as Students to participate in research work in various areas like Big Data, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, & so on.
    Department of Information Technology Faculty have published 15 papers in various journals of SCOPUS/ WOS indexed in the year 2018-19. Twelve papers were published in SCOPUS indexed & three papers were published in WOS indexed in areas like Data Mining, Machine Learning, Big Data & IoT.


  • 90% of the Faculty are engaged in Research work under various Research Areas
  • 3 Center of Excellences with well – equipped Laboratories
  • 50% of the Faculty completed IUCEE Certification and remaining are undergoing IUCEE certification program
  • 4 Doctorates
  • 41 papers were published in reputed journals
  • All Faculty have got Certifications from NPTEL, Coursera, Udemy etc., to keep up with the current technologies