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Assistant professor
7 Years

Bigdata, Software Engineering

1. C and Data structures
2. Software Engineering
3. Software Quality Assurance and Testing
4. Internetworking with  TCP/IP 
5. Software Testing Fundamentals
6. Predictive Analytics 
7. Mobile Application Development through Android
8. Java Programming 
9.Data Base Management Systems
istributed Systems 

Journal Publications:

  • 1. Chatakunta Praveen Kumar, Koona Hemanath,B.Surya Narayana Murthy, “A New Method for Edge detection under Hazy Environment in Computer Vision” International conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing.
  • 2. MadhuOruganti, Sabitha Ch, Koona Hemanath,“ Difference Expansion Based new Reversible Data hiding Scheme” International conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing.
  •  3. Raghunadha Reddy T, Gopi Chand M,Hemanath Koona, “LOCATION PREDICTION OF ANONYMOUS TEXT USING AUTHOR PROFILING TECHNIQUE” International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology (IJCIET) Volume 8, Issue 12, December 2017, pp. 339-345, Article ID: IJCIET_08_12_040 Available online at ISSN Print: 0976-6308 and ISSN Online: 0976-6316. (SCOPUS INDEXED).
  •  4. Dr.Sheikh Gouse, Mrs.K.Nirosha, Mr.Hemanath Koona,Mrs. B.Raswitha, “International Journal of Scientific Development and Research (IJSDR)” Volume 1, Issue 12,and ISSN: 2455-2631,December 2016. 
  • 5. Yerragudipadu Subbarayudu, Koona Hemanath “Real-Time Big Data Analytical Architecture for Remote Sensing Application”, JREECS Journals October’2015 Issue ISSN no 4142-34536 vol 2 Impact Factor 0.5. 
  • 6. Ch Srikanth,Koona Hemanath, Y.Subba Rayudu “Automatic Slot Configurations for Heterogeneous Hadoop Clusters” International Journal of computer science Dec 2015 Issue ISSNno 4142-3453 Impact Factor 3.5. 
  • 7. Mothe Rakesh, koona Hemanath, Y.Subba Rayudu ”COST-TRIVIALIZE DYNAMIC EXODUS OF CONTENT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS INTO AMALGAM WOOLPACK”, International Journal of Computer Sciences (IJCS) ISSN (Online): 4142-3453 Impact Factor: 3.5 Volume 21. 
  • 8. Ch Srikanth, Koona Hemanath, Yerragudipadu Subbarayudu”Application Program Interface Changes and Impact for Fault Proneness Controlling on the User Ratings of Android Apps” , IJCSEST, ISSN NO: 6201 3454, November’2015 Issue. 
  • 9. Koona Hemanath, Ch Srikanth,Y.Subba Rayudu, ” Key Exchange Technique for Parallel Network File Systems”, International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Scientific Technology ISSN (Online): 6201-3454 Impact Factor: 4.5 Volume 7.
1. Dr.K.Srinivas Rao, Mr.K.Hemanath “Information Security” Published by TechnoAce Education
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