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Bussiness summit 15th and 16th March 2019

On 15th and 16th march 2019, Business day was organized in MLRIT. The event was organized in Shrusti lab, Mechanical and CSE seminar hall. The event main focus was to increase the leadership qualities and communication skills based on the different competitions related to business.

Yoga day

On 9th march 2019, the yoga day was organized in MLRIT. It was organized for the benefit of the students in terms of peace of mind and healthy spiritual life. On the day, Principal and mechanical HOD have given their valuable speech to the students. In essence, they said that, the yoga is a linking process of ourselves to the God. In this process, our mind and senses will be satisfied and results in supreme satisfaction of heart which will be seen on the face of index as peace of mind.

Guest lecture on Opportunities For Engineers In Indian Industry

The department of mechanical engineering ISTE student chapter organized this guest lecture. The guest lecture resource person Mr.Satyanarayana Yedidi has given great Lecture on “Opportunities For Engineers In Indian Industry” on 14th Feb 2019 and also he shared his experience with the students. The students were participated and interacted with good attention while the guests lecture.

Industrial Visit

The department of mechanical engineering ISTE student chapter organized this guest lecture. The guest lecture resource person Mr.Satyanarayana Yedidi has given great Lecture on “Opportunities For Engineers In Indian Industry” on 14th Feb 2019 and also he shared his experience with the students. The students were participated and interacted with good attention while the guests lecture.


Department of Mechanical Engineering / MLRIT SAE Collegiate Club A Two Day SAEISS SKIP Workshop Steering System & Vehicle Handling Sri. S. Radhakrishnan, M.Tech., Rtd. Vice-President (R&D) Rane TRW Steering Systems Ltd., on 3rd & 4th November 2017 Shri. T. Shiva Rao Member & Vice-chairman, Professional Development Programs Board SAEISS – HYD Division


A guest lecture was conducted on 21-09-2017 by the CEO of sunrise technologies, Mr.D.Srinivasa Rao.

Orientation for Current Freshmen

Orientation Programme targeting the students joined in the year 2017 was conducted on 28-07-2017. All the Mechanical Engineering freshmen were addressed by the Department Head Dr. S Madhu. As a part of the programme students were made aware of departmental attributes and accreditations, various practices or activities followed to improve the quality of learning processes. Relevance of subjects being pursued to the core subjects was unfolded. Opportunities pertaining to placements, competitive exams were discussed. Students were also motivated to plan the forthcoming years to become what they want to be. Later they were addressed by Training and Placements officer about preparation practises to crack placements. In post lunch session all the students were taken through the laboratories and centre of excellences where they will be working in during the course.

A guest lecture was conducted on 21-09-2017 by the CEO of sunrise technologies, Mr.D.Srinivasa Rao. The lecture was about preparation of molds. This session was helpful to students to learn different advancement in manufacturing techniques which are applicable to manufacture intricate prototypes in industries

A guest lecture was conducted on 05-10-2017 by Prof. Durga Janaki Ram from IIT madras on recent trends on welding. He emphasized the recent trends of welding in the emerging technology. Students got highly influenced with the lecture about welding of magnesium alloys which are helpful for future reference. September 15th is celebrated every year as engineers day to commemorate the birthday of a legendary engineer sir M.Visvesvaraya Engineer’s day was celebrated in MLRIT. The events like cad modeling, technical quiz, technical memory test, poster presentation, CNC programming. Students who performed high bagged the best prizes.

Dissertation of Micro-projects

With loads of enthusiasm students of Mechanical Engineering have revolutionised many projects using advanced techniques in the field of manufacturing and technology like “tread mill cycle, voice controlled cars, piezo electric tyres, box transport mechanism, single wheel spraying system, automatic baby cradle,CNC drawing machine, piezo electric roads, robotic arm”. This event was conducted on november9. IInd & IIIrd year students presented their prototypes in the presence of honourable guest Dr.K.Badarinadh from IIT, Hyderabad & Dr.Arshad Javed from BITS PILANI Hyderabad. The best projects were bagged with a cash prize of 3000, 2000 and 1000 rupees.

PLM Training by TATA Technologies in MLRIT

In collaboration with TATA Technologies, MLR Institute of Technology successfully completed the PLM training for the second batch of students under Department of Mechanical Engineering coordinated by Mr. Prashanth Bhatti, Asst. Professor and J. Sreekanth Reddy, Asst. Professor with support of Dr. S. Madhu, Head of the department. Students who are participated for the training will be selected during the placements conducted by the TATA Technologies in the month of Nov-Dec 2017. In this training, the students undergone theoretical and hands on experience on PLM software which are widely used in present day industries. The subject matter experts Mr. S. Venkatesh and Mr. Praveen handled the part of ENOVIA and WINDCHILL by Mr. Ravin Kayasth and Ms. Hemadri P together for the span of 21 days in the month of October 2017.

Visit to Air force Academy

III- year Mechanical students were taken to AIRFORCE academy, Dundigal on 15-12-2017 to be taken part in pass out parade as audience. The whole event was demonstrated with eminent coordination among individuals and forces on land and in air. Air force planes like suryakiran, sukoi, hawk and chopper “chetak” were involved to perform fleets in air which demonstrated integrity and inspired students. Maneuverability of these aircrafts made students to realize the marvelous creations that can be made using technology.


STUDENTS OF II & III year mechanical visited VELJAN HYDRAIR LIMITEDON on 22-12-2017 located in Balanagar, guided by Mr. B.Subramanyam. Students witnessed the true knowledge of machines, learned different manufacturing techniques and gained practical knowledge on different machines and their working principles.



Topic : Advanced Trends in Mechanical Engineering By Dr. C.N.V.Sridhar (B.E, M.Tech.,MISTE,PhD)

It was a great pleasure to have him at MLRIT. He has delivered his lecture on the current Mechanical Industry and its growth. Traditional way of manufacturing is always been the process been followed and is still being used. In the present era, Additive manufacturing like 3D printing has been introduced a decade ago which is now a huge success in the Mechanical industry. Industry is quiet forward with all the new technologies where the ancient way of handmade Drawings and Fabrication with heavy labor duties are replaced by Software packages which are interlinked with the Manufacturing machinery equipment making the product more efficient, having less errors and fine finishing. Robotics has already made a great impact in the Automobile Industry by replacing heavy and hazardous jobs by different type of robots. Robots are being used in Current manufacturing industry as the automation for production of goods is in a great swing. Lean manufacturing is flourishing day by day to bring out fine and less weight products with high efficiency.


A two day SAE-TREK program was held at Bhongir Fort on 26th & 27th January 2018 hosted by MLRIT. Students from various colleges have participated in trekking with theme ENGINEERING DESIGN ALIGNED WITH NATURE.


on 17th February 2018, cheek swab samples were collected at our institute by the volenteers of Datri (datri is a non-for-profit organization that was founded in 2009 with a mission to save lives of those suffering from life threatening blood disorders like blood cancer, thalassemia, aplastic anemia etc. a blood stem cell transplant can save the lives of such patients.)

When you register with DATRI, your cheek cell sample (buccal swab) is sent for HLA typing.This is stored in our registry.If your HLA type matches with any patient looking for a match, you will be called upon to donate your blood stem cells to save the patient.A small sample of your blood is subjected to confirmatory typing. This is followed by a Master Health Check-up to make sure you are fit and healthy to donate.You will be given an injection called GCSF(Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor) for 5 days.This is to release your stem cells from the bone marrow into your peripheral blood flow.On the fifth day, your blood stem cells will be collected in a 4-5 hours outpatient procedure called Apheresis. Your blood stem cells are transported by DATRI to the transplant center.The transplant will transfuse your blood stem cells to the patient.


SAE India Convention at MLRIT egged students on to hone problem solving skills

SAEINDIA is a professional engineering society whose membership represents practically every engineering and scientific discipline. Its members combine their specialized abilities to further advance the research, development, design, manufacture and utilization of vehicles which operate on land, water, air and space.

Marri Laxman Reddy Institute of Technology organized a two-day national-level SAE INDIA student convention at its campus where 1600 students from across the country showcased their skills in various events. The event threw a challenge at the participating students in design, fabrication and problem-solving and how they react to a practical problem using their theoretical knowledge. It had 35 regular and 15 surprise events where they were judged by the industry experts. Mr Sriraman, Chairman, SAE India Southern Section was the distinguished guest along with Prof T. Papi Reddy, Chairman, TSCHE as chief guest of the event. Dr. Mr Y. Srinivas Rao, vice-chair SAEISS Hyderabad Division and Mr N. Bala Subramanian Ex- chairman, SAEISS and Vice President, Renault Nissan Business Centre of India represented the industry and guided the students. Theme of the event is to expose the local students to global practical challenges. It was a learning experience for faculty and students as they got an opportunity to interact with the industry heads on this event.

Students from various colleges who participated with great zeal bagged best performance awards and certified from honorable dignitaries on the day of valediction.


Alumni Meet:

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