An Eye For Excellence!
MR. G. Anandarao
Associate Professor
19 Years


1. Mechanics of solids
2. Kinematics of Machinery
3. Dynamics of Machinery
4. Design of machine members
5. Robotics
7. ICS

Journal Publications:

1. Solidification Phenomena and Reduction of Skull in the Ladle Using Finite Deference Method and Matlab , by Srinivasa rao Putti, G. Ananda Rao, P. Sudhakar Chowdary volume 2 /Issue 4/pp 31to39/ Dec 2012
2. Reduction of emissions by changing piston geometry by: G. Anand rao, ,MLRIT,Hyd, International journal of professional engineering studies volume 5 /Issue 2/ pp1to11/ Dec 2015
3. Design & Analysis of Die Casting Tool for Piston Housing used in Hydraulic Oil Filter Pump; G.Ananda Rao and Sreekanth Reddy ,Advanced Research Journals of Science And Technology Volume: III, Issue : II /pp 240-245/Oct2016
4. Design and Analysis of Aircraft Wheel Hub Using FEM G.Ananda Rao and Uppalapati Jayadeep ,Advanced Research Journals of Science And Technology Volume: III, Issue : II / pp 235-239 /Oct 2016
5. Effect of Tool Pin Profile on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure on AA6061 and IS319 Brass: G. Ananda Rao, G. Sunny Kumar & Dr. P. Prasanna: International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 7, Issue 12,Dec 16 PP352-358
6. Development of Bio Mass Gasification for Thermal Applications, in International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology (IJCIET), Volume 8, Issue 6, June 2017 pp 109 - 124
7. Design and Development of Acoustic Refrigeration system, in International Journal of Mechanical Engineering & Technology (IJMET), Volume 08, Issue 7, July 2017 PP 462 - 473
8. Freeze Lining In Furnace A Heat Transfer Model Using Finite Deference Method And Mat Lab IJMET Volume 08, Issue 7 July 2017 PP 581 - 591
9. Design Of Concentrated Parabolic Dish Collector For Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System IJCIET Vol: 8, Issue : 7 pp 714 - 724
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