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Patents :

The college recognizes the importance of protecting Intellectual Property Rights. Faculty members are given orientation on the various avenues available for patenting. The faculty members and students based on their research work / invention carried out at MLR Institute of Technology have filed the following patents:

Sl. No. Name of the Inventor Title Patent Appl. No Status
1. Mr. Patibandla Leela Naga Sai Krishna
Mr. Kanithi Sesha Sai PavanKumar
Mr. Belkeri Sai Prakash
Mr. M. Raju Naik
Mr. Laxma Reddy
Mr. V. Sai Kumar Reddy
Occupancy Level Detection and Controlling Device 201641034025A Published (10-02-2017)
2. Mr. N. Prabhu Kishore
Mr. Ramireddy Manohar
Dr. Yogita Wagh
Portable Solar Energy Charger for Smart phone 201641031399A Published (10-02-2017)
3. Dr B Rama Fitness Management Android Application L-72025/2018 9-1-2018
4. Dr G Kiran Kumar Disease Management L-72023/2018 9-1-2018
5. Dr Koppula Srinivas Rao New and Efficient Data Ware Housing Algorithm for Multiple RFID Readers L-72026/2018 9-1-2018
6. Dr G Arul Dalton Automated tool for Bloom’s Taxonomy L-72024/2018 9-1-2018
7. Ms B Madhuravani A novel Chaotic Quantum Based Homomorphic CPABE Authentication Protocol against malicious attack in wireless communication networks L-72020/2018 9-1-2018
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