Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning !

MLR Institute of Technology is encouraging the students continuously to register for START-Ups with an intention to generate the world wide leaders.

Sl. No. Name of the Student/Alumni/Faculty Entrepreneur Graduating year(applicable for student/alumni) Name of the company incubated
1. T.N.Akhil Karthik (ECE) and P. Rudra Teja (IT) Student -2010 Radicaltribe (An advertising agency)/
2. Madhikunta Vikas Reddy (CSE) Student-2014 1. pixel army photography (2011).
2. Chai Kahani (2016)
3. Cholleti Eshwar Reddy (AERO) Student-2014 3D SRISHTI Pvt Ltd (2016)
4. Sai Pranith, Ch Naveen and Vijay Bhaskar (ECE) Student - 2015 Advaita Solutions ( Financial consultancy services)/
5. V SreePavani(MBA) Faculty Repairkarega (All kinds of Repair services)2015 /
6. Dr. K. Kishan(MBA) Faculty KRISHPHOTOGRAPHY (FB page)
7. Mrs.M.Mallika Reddy(MBA) Faculty ATHIDI CATERERS(2007)
8. G Vamshi krishnam raju(MBA) Student -2016 Raju firms ( poultry)2014 (FB page)
9. M Mahesh(MBA) Student-2011 Padmasri Creations Banner (movie production house) 2013
10. B. Mallikarjun Rao (MBA) Student-2011 MN Infra Tech Pvt Ltd ( Infrastructure development)2014
11. Ashok Agarwal(CSE) Student-2013 Textile Business 2013
12. Rahul Devda(MBA) Student-2016 Santosh Dhaba - 2015
13. Dr. N Chandra Sekhar Reddy, Professor (CSE) Faculty GRN Orchids Private Limited
14. Mr.M Venkata Bharatwaj (CSE) Student - 2016 Proventure Mineral Resources Private Limited
15. Mr. Ch Maniratnam (ECE) Student - 2016 Learnall Edupedia Private Limited
16. Mr. A Sai Hari (CSE) Student - 2017 Forbidden Cyber India Private Limited
17. Mr Jayanth (CSE) Student - 2018 ILAPS Software Solutions Private Limited
18. Mr. B Indra Kiran Reddy (CSE) Student - 2017 Valtree Global Private Limited
19. Dr P Bhaskara Reddy, Professor (ECE) Faculty Abhishek Retail Online Services Private Limited
20. Mr Ram Mohan Rao, Associate Professor(CSE) Faculty Designers Edge Franchise Private Limited
21. Mr. K Karthik (CSE)-Alumni Student - 2015 Ace Engineering Education India Private Limited
22. Mr. Amit Agarwal (CSE) Student - 2015 Charismatic Media Investment Private Limited
23. Mr. Nikhil Uttawar (CSE) Student - 2017 Spandana Web Links Private Limited
24. Mr. P Dayaker (CSE) Faculty Texan Software Private Limited
25. Mr MD. IBRAHIM JUNAID (CSE) Student - 2013 Bretton Woods Ventures Private Limited
26. Mr. B AVINASH (CSE) Student - 2014 Creade Information Systems Private Limited
27. Ms. KICHANAGARI SWATHI (CSE) Student - 2014 Pivot Info Solutions Private Limited
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