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Sponsored Research Projects

All the department faculty members actively engage with various research activities and encourage interdisciplinary research. All research projects are funded by funding agencies like DST, AICTE, CSIR, Deity, etc. The various ongoing & completed research project details are given below:

Ongoing Research Project Details: :-

Name of the Investigator Title of the Project Funding Agency Status
Dr. Koppula Srinivas Rao
National Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing (AICC-2019) SERB Ongoing
Dr B Sridhar
Crypto-Watermarking Technique on Video for Digital Rights Management DST Ongoing
Dr.Mahendra Vucha
Design and development of an On-Chip Heterogeneous Multi-Core Platform for secure multimedia applications. SERB Ongoing
Dr.T.S Arulananth
Human position tacking and detection using feometric active contours mapping algorithm and connection component operators. SERB Ongoing
Dr.P.Amarendra Reddy
Effect of big data characteristics on security - leveraging existing security mechanisms and exploring new techniques for protection. SERB Ongoing
Prof.K.Durga Sowjanya
Voice call transfer service between Wi-Fi enabled android smartphone and tablets without using internet. WOS-A, DST Ongoing
Mrs Vijetha Tummala
Design and Analysis of Reconfigurable MIMO Antenna with Ultra Wideband for Cognitive Radio Applications. WOS-A, DST Ongoing
Dr Karthik R
Anodic oxide Metal Insulator Metal Capacitors for Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits SERB Ongoing
Dynamic Navigation of Query Results based on concept hierarchies using improved Distance Rank Algorithm DST Ongoing
Understanding the Cognitive processes involved in technological entrepreneurial opportunity recognition DST Ongoing
Prof.K.Archana A novel security for ATM framework by using digital image processing DST Ongoing
Dr.K.Kiran Reddy
A Novel Approach for Location based Services using Wireless Ad-hoc Networks (Manets) DST Ongoing
Developing community based approach for prevention of anaemia among young rural women in selected villages of Sangareddy Mandal, Medak District" DST Ongoing
Dr. P. Bhaskara Reddy
Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure (FIST) DST Ongoing
Dr.P.Bhaskara Reddy
Academic Performance & Test Anxiety in Indian Students DST Ongoing
T.Chandrasekhar Reddy
Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC) AICTE Ongoing
Prof. V. Asha Ranjani
Analytical & Bio Analytical studies of different drugs in bulk, formulation and human plasma DST Ongoing
Prof. N. Chandra Sekhar Reddy Data distribution increase in BitTorrent networks using network coding techniques Devthon Ongoing
Prof. N. Anuradha Development & Design of Hybrid Turbo Wheel for Automotive Applications PARI Ongoing
Dr. G. Kiran Kumar Information Privacy Concern About Peer Disclosure in Online Social Networks Zify Ongoing
Dr. P. Amarendra Reddy Mobile wearable communications epaathsala Ongoing

Completed Research Project Details:

Name of the Investigator Title of the Project Funding Agency Status
Dr Karthik R Fabrication and Electrical Characterization of Multi-layer Metal Insulator Metal Capacitors INUP, Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY). Completed
Dr. V. Radhika Devi
Exploring Novel Functional Materials DST Completed
Prof. P.Yakaiah
Applications of Image Compression in the  Field Image Processing (SG) DST Completed
Prof.S.V.S. Prasad
Application of Embedded system in the field of image monitoring DST Completed
Prof.G.Kiran Kumar
Linux Programming & Cloud-Computing (SG). DST Completed
Prof.B.Aruna Kumari
Parallel Data Mining (SG) AICTE Completed
Prof. B.Madhuravani
Stenography to improve authentication using mobile phone as security Token. DST Completed
Dr. P. Venkat Reddy
Recent Trends in Gas Turbine Technology & Aerospace Propulsion- New Challenges AICTE Completed
Dr. P. Sathish Kumar
Latest trends in VLSI Design-FPGA AICTE Completed
Dr. K. Uma Entrepreneurship Development Programme AICTE Established
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