• Hydrogeological mapping.
  • Identification/health monitoring of surface and groundwater source locations.
  • Smart water distribution system for the entire village.
  • Low cost sanitation/toilets.
  • Lake water desilting.
  • Design of storm water drains.

  • Solar power installation for emergency services (water, Medical, Street lights etc.)

Women Development:
  • Teaching(middle school).
  • IT Training.
  • Vocational Training (DTP, Stitching, Handicrafts, Driving etc).
  • Low cost diagnostics

  • Tablets/e-books based teaching/learning.
  • Local knowledge in school curricula.
  • Spirit of scientific inquiry.
  • Career development training

Environment and Health:
  • Sanitation
  • Purified water for drinking.
  • Solid waste management.
  • Vermi composting.
  • Medical Camps
  • Health awareness programs

Information Technology:
  • Village Informatics Center.
  • Knowledge HUB center
  • Help center for farmers

Entrepreneurship/Skill development
  • Vocational training for unemployed youth ( DTP, Carpenter, Welding, CNC training etc. )

Energy Key to Village Development
  • Invest in Distributed Solar for the adopted village.
  • Work towards developing a home /village based cottage industry.
  • Could look at traditional areas like stitching, weaving, etc.
  • Solar-LED lamps, low-end PCBs, etc.
  • CAD designs, etc.
  • Swachh village